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Here at Douglas Signs we aim to produce signs to a high quality,  specific to our clients needs. With decades of experience we will create the ideal signage for your business. 

The selection of products manufactured by Douglas Signs are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure we make you vision a reality. At Douglas Signs we use top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team to produce high quality products.

What We Do

Way Finding Solutions

Way finding signs come in a wide variety of formats, finishes and specifications; with each way finding signage unique and crucial to every business regardless of their size.

Way finding can enhance and emphasize your brand, making it easier for visitors and clients quickly to identify your brand.

We can advise on way finding solutions thanks to decades of experience within this area, meaning we can supply help when deciding how many signs you may need, highlighting focus areas within your business, and directing visitors with clarity .

We design, supply, manufacture and install a range of internal and external way finding solutions. Choices range from simple wall mounted or hanging signs through to post mounted, totem or monolith signs. 

Used correctly faux neon can elegant and beautifully bright without giving you any of the drawbacks that you find with real neon.



Douglas signs has made signage for the small independent stores to large retail giants, we are equipped for dealing with both of these sides in retail without compromising quality.

No two shop fronts are the same, so we approach each job with a fresh attitude with the desire to bring your vision into reality. By using a range of signage including fascia's, projecting sign, barriers, flags, frosted manifestations and prints.


Architectural Design

Innovative design is at the core of any architectural design and we have worked on a wide range of these projects. Through using a thorough and detailed design processes debated by our design team, we aim to bring enhanced and sleek designs to our clients that compliment their surroundings.


We have created 3D models using SolidWorks, this brings our 2D drawings to life, allowing our clients to get a scope on the design and work alongside us. Allowing us to look into the finer details and deliver a high end design built to last.

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