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Our Toolkit

At Douglas Signs. We are big thinkers and so there is wide range of signage we can create.

Alongside signs we produce prints and vinyls for many different purposes. From wall art to frosted manifestations. 

Douglas Signs does it.

Faux Neon

Faux neon is a great alternative to using real neon as real neon breaks easily, is expensive and comes with a whole host of health and safety issues. This is why we have perfected our concept of faux neon which has been installed in stores such as NYX, Hotel Chocolat and Kiehl's.

Used correctly faux neon can elegant and beautifully bright without giving you any of the drawbacks that you find with real neon.

apothecary neon example.jpg

Built Up Letters and Logos

Built up letters and logos are created in house by our talented team of Metal Worker, Router Operator and the Assembly Crew. The effort they put in really shows in the polished and classy finish to built up letters.


These types of letters and logos can be fixed onto many different surfaces with Douglas Signs providing all the structural elements required.



Many types of Illumination are available but we specialise in three in particular. Halo, Internal and External.

Halo Illumination -This a very popular form of sign illumination where the LED products will be placed inside the letter or logo to provide illumination on all returns.

Internal Illumination - These type of signs gain all types of attention both day and night. LEDs are placed inside a tray or letters/logos with an acrylic face to disperse light through.

External Illumination - A simple but elegant solution for those looking to shine at night without changing the whole shopfront. Trough lights can span great lengthy fascias or spot lights can be used to highlight important parts of a shopfront.


Flat Letters

A popular choice for those who wish to attach letters to a tray or have them fixed straight to the wall. Although they are simple they can be very effective and be made out of aluminium or perspex and in a range of colours and thickness based on the material used.

As this is made in house by us we can produce work at a large scale and have done for many retail giants.



Most shop fronts use a tray to display their signage as it is versatile and can be paired with built up and flat cut letters and logos as well as prints. 

These can be very eye catching and are a great way to really make a store standout. They can be made from aluminium and dibond as trays are made to specifications which, after a site survey, are made to fit.



Prints are understated and can really add a dynamic look to any fascia or shop front. Whether it is for hoarding, or high level we can print this using Wide Format Printing on a variety of different substrates, using Pantones and Spot Colours.

Here at Douglas Signs we can create print ready files or print straight from supplied artwork. We will do our best to colour match to references given so that we can help make your vision a reality 


CAD Design

Using Solidworks and CAD we are able to create 3D models of sign designs so that we can ensure complicated designing is absolute in measurements and it also provides a useful indicator for our in house team when assembling.

For cilents this is good preview of their signage to come and often helps to answer any questions which arise during the design process, which can be answered but the Lead Designer.

render Fitsroy combined_edited.jpg
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